Thief 4 announcement trailer {x}

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My Forged Wedding - Saeki Takamasa [Main Route] Jpn GREE

「I cannot train it, at all…」
「It is my wife, that I love the most」

「My writing cannot continue if you have such a face」

「I had wanted to do this, all the time…」
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Matthew from Backstage Pass eue


Matthew from Backstage Pass eue

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Be My Princess Season2 for Gree(JP)
Sugar White Day Event
Kuon Route


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i just introduced my brother and his friends to slenderman

they played the game and proceeded to freak the fuck out

now they’re playing in the woods

so i made these and stapled them to the trees

i can hear their screams as i post this

you are a horrible person and i love you


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someone is jealouuuuuuuus (*´▽`*)

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Spin off: 蛯原X相葉:恋のセカンドステージ

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